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KVNS was established in 1910. It belongs to the oldest organizations for environmental protection in Belgium.

KVNS is presently a non-profit organization for conservation of the historical landscapes and safeguarding of the national heritage. For more than 97 years, KVNS have been paid attention to environmental conservancy and revaluation of the cultural landscape.

The landscape today is more threatened than ever : ruthless expansion of industrial areas and shopping-centres, thoughtless parcellings and construction programmes, monotonous house-building, destruction of sensitive environments, etc. This is a process which we can all help to prevent.

Landscape conservancy is something that everybody can contribute to.

KVNS is trying to achieve its objectives by organizing trips, visits and walking-tours with guides, lectures and meetings in order to stimulate the members to actively participate in environmental protection. It also act as a consultant to private persons and government agencies with regard to the safeguarding and valorization of landscapes and monuments.

KVNS is concentrating its activities on

  • the Keesesmolen (windmill) in B-Kasterlee
  • the Grote Geule (swamp) in B-Kieldrecht (near Antwerp)
  • the Steenovens (restoration of an old farm ) in B-Sint-Amands

Each year more than 500 members of KVNS receive four issues of the magazine "Land in Zicht" as well a copy of articles with regard to topics concerning the environs.

Our website www.kvns.be represents our visiting-card to the world.

You can contact our organization:

  • by calling our Secretariat: Tel. +32 (0)3. 232.35.31
  • in writing to the address: Belgium - Meirstraat 34 - 2890 Oppuurs
  • by e-mail: info@kvns.be

The Flemish Association for Natural and Urban Beauty


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